100% Enjoyment!

Full Speed CrossFit is a community driven box, ‘The people’s box’. One of our box rules is that you will never train with anyone who’s name you don’t know! You will meet new people and make new friends!

No Ego’s

A favourite crossfit saying and box rule is, ‘Leave your ego at the door’. The only person you need to impress is yourself and you will do this as you discover, that your body is more capable than you ever imagined!

Qualified Demon Coaches

All our trainers are level 1 qualified and better. They will monitor you through your workout; they will correct your technique if need be; they will encourage and push you to achieve each your individual potential.

Give Us A Shout

Get in touch with us with any questions about classes, times and anything else you would like to know. MOST IMPORTANTLY COME AND GET INVOLVED!