Loosing my pies!

I have been doing Cross Fit for a year now. From not being able to do 1 pull up I can now do more that 10. My all over strength has increased 10 fold. My whole life has changed, spend more time doing activities with my kids, i have reduced my gout meds, have more energy at work. I feel heather, stronger, happier. Can't wait to see what the next year brings.


Being able to see changes in people through CrossFit makes everyday worth getting up for.
CrossFit can change lives...

Lovin' It

I was very fortunate that while waiting at the crossroads I discovered CrossFit which is now my sport and passion. To now own and coach at Full Speed CrossFit is absolutely fantastic and by no means a job! To have the opportunity and honor to have a good impact on so many different people’s lives is the reward we do it for. When the Demon crew come in for their sessions and give it their all, burying themselves for an hour and washing away the worlds problems, it is nothing short of inspiring. To be a part of their journey and to see them achieving their fitness goals one after the other is the reason why I'm driven.

Full Speed Crossfit Rocks!

I feel so much fitter since I started CrossFit. I love the diversity of the workouts, and the sense of achievement after a workout.

Karen Brent
The Demons at Full Speed CrossFit rock!

After a car accident and having to have shoulder reconstruction a few years ago. I never even considered crossfit as part of my very sporadic exercise routine. I figured I'd end up hurting myself/my shoulder even more and never be able to do half the exercises.
Newly back into 'getting in shape' again and actually enjoying it,the fitness group I was with sadly fell away, so I thought maybe one class of crossfit a week might not be so bad, and joined Full Speed Crossfit.
That was in May 2014. By July I was onto 2 classes a week and finding more excuses not to do the boxing/yoga/running classes I had promised myself I would do. From 2 classes at FSC, I was soon doing 3 classes a week.....and nothing else....it was all just crossfit!

Gary Brent
Fantastic Trainers!

I've been a member of FSC for about 3 months now and as an ex professional sportsman for over 18 years, I'm as fit now as I was when playing but much stronger. The trainers Scott and Campbell are fantastic and what really attracted me was their professionalism and energy. I've witnessed many people literally change shape before my eyes. I look forward to many years with FSC.

Tyler & Abby Cornish
Thanks guys we love it!

My wife has been trying to drag me off to gym for years and I did not have the motivation to keep going. Gym did nothing for me. Then we popped down to FSC for a workout. Bamm, that was it we both found something that was different and exciting. FSC would not be what it is without Scott and Macca. These two guys are brilliant with what they do. So passionate about the sport but more so with ensuring we are enjoying and getting what we want out of it. They really give their everything, be it teaching you a new lift or move or pushing you to your max or just giving you that encouragement, which makes you want to come everyday!
Thanks guys we love it!

LOVING life right now!

I started at FSC when it was just Scottie and a pile of unopened boxes of equipment, and what an honour to say that I was the first member there. Now we have Macca too who has added great value to our awesome Cross fit box. I have never encountered a team of leaders like Scottie and Macca who actually give a damn … and all the time! It’s so awesome to be part of the family. We are truly blessed … #LOVING life right now.